Vladimir Putin closes Roscosmos

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The Russian Federal Space Agency Roscosmos has ceased to exist. It was solved by the very president of this country Vladimir Putin. Of course, this does not mean that Russia is abandoning the dream of conquering outer space. The president's decision is related to transforming the agency and gaining more control at the government level.

Russian Roscosmos, the federal space agency, has just ceased to exist, dissolved by Vladimir Putin. But one who would think that Russia would no longer send people into space would be mistaken. The president's decision is the end of annual activities aimed at organizational changes, which are to significantly improve its operation.

Roscosmos was often criticized for the erroneous decisions of the agency's management so far. They have led to the loss of several spacecraft, as well as misuse of up to 92 billion rubles (about $ 1.8 billion) in air, mostly due to ubiquitous corruption.

The agency will be redeployed on January 1 next year and this time it will be managed at the government level to better utilize the available budget and will complete the construction of a new spaceport near the China border.

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