Putina pride gives no reason to be satisfied

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The Russians are preparing for the Victory Day, culminating in a military parade. Today a general trial took place, however, which did not go to the mind of the Russians. The tank T-14 Armata, the latest showcase of the Russian army, was damaged. The vehicle has blocked one belt for a full 15 minutes.

Victory Day is an important event for the Russians. Moscow has a great chance to show its power and the latest equipment that will be used in its army. Unfortunately, not all of us follow our Eastern neighbors. During the rehearsal before the military parade, T-14 Armata's tank, which was a new eye in the Russian military's head, was unable to return.

After a few minutes, a special repair vehicle came to the crew, who tried, unsuccessfully, to tow the T-14. Interestingly, the parade speaker persuaded the viewers that this is a planned action, but what is unlikely. There have already been reports that there are problems with the tank. The guns were going to crash during the tests at the Alabino training ground near Moscow. The tank-manufacturing company has denied all the allegations by blaming the untrained crew.

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