More layoffs in GoPro

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GoPro bosses are trying to save business with another layoffs. This time around 200 people are said to leave, and staff cuts are being carried out as part of restructuring to reduce operating costs.

The market for sports cameras has to be in worse shape, as the best-known manufacturer is announcing further layoffs. GoPro recently announced staff changes, which will result in the loss of about 270 people. Some of them will be moved to other posts.

It seems, however, that the cuts have not changed much in the company's situation, as GoPro has just announced further layoffs. This time, in terms of cutting costs of work activities will lose about 200 people. In addition, there are plans to reduce the cost of some of the company's programs, which should provide a total savings of $ 10 million.

GoPro in the future wants to focus only on its most important products and not to shred for the realization of unsuccessful ideas that will not bring the company profits, such as their own drones.

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