LG has unveiled its first curved screen TV

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At CES 2013, LG Electronics presented the revolutionary EA9800 TV with curved screen for the first time. Extremely thin TV is equipped with LG's patented WRGB technology.

The unique LG EA9800 TV, the industry's first to offer an ergonomically curved screen fully compatible with CINEMA 3D. Delicate forward bending causes all points of the display surface to be equally spaced from the viewer's eyes. This avoids distortion at the edges of the screen and blurs the details.

Thanks to WRGB technology, LG OLED TVs display extremely vivid and realistic images. The unique system with four sub-crucibles contains an additional white subpixel, working with conventional RGB subpixels, for perfect color reproduction. The built-in Color Refiner also improves color reproduction, allowing for more vivid and natural colors.

The 55-inch OLED TV also features a high contrast ratio to provide optimal contrast regardless of external lighting or viewing angle. In order to take full advantage of image quality and richer color and deeper blacks, Dynamic High Dynamic Range (HDR) algorithm is also used. This technology allows you to maintain a consistent contrast ratio and maximum color separation.

The OLED display by nature is a light source, so it does not require a separate backlight. This makes it possible to significantly reduce the weight and thickness of the TVs, as well as design the stylish, minimalist look. The ultra-modern, ultra-modern shape and curved screen of the EA9800 makes the viewer's attention unobtrusive while providing the ultimate viewing experience. In order to further reduce the weight of the TV and strengthen the curved screen, a carbon fiber plastic housing is used. The sleek design and thin profile of the LG OLED TV perfectly blends in with the incredible picture quality of WRGB.

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Developed by LG Electronics, the Paper Slim design concept combines the display and the rack into a uniform, aesthetic whole. In addition, CINEMA SCREEN elements, with an extremely thin frame, remain almost invisible. The minimized frame allows you to get the most fascinating visual experience for both 2D and 3D images. The new model of the TV comes with an easy-to-fix wall mount that can be mounted by one person. Due to the small distance between the TV enclosure and the wall, less than 2.5 cm, LG TV can be presented as a true work of art.

Another distinguishing feature of the LG OLED TV from the competing models is the Smart Touch Control. This is a new solution that makes the device look more attractive and comfortable to use. The slide-out touch-sensitive buttons underneath the screen allow easy control of the basic functions of the OLED TV, such as channel switching, volume control, or turning the unit on and off.