Facebook is fighting hate speech

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Social networking sites are platforms that allow you to not only keep in touch with friends from school, but also share your views through special pages or groups. Unfortunately, freedom of expression is sometimes overused by terrorists and extremist groups who use this platform to spread propaganda and use the word hatred. Facebook has come up with a very creative way of fighting these people.

The portal could naturally block accounts belonging to extremists, but it would be a struggle with windmills as soon as new accounts would be created. Facebook has therefore decided to apply a completely different method of dealing with this problem.

As the Wall Street Journal reports, the portal employs people who oppose speech hate positive posts. The method has been in use for some time and for example last year, the portal allowed former members of one of the extremists to set up false accounts with the help of which they sent their former colleagues positive messages.

For the same task, the portal also employs students who offer $ 2,000 in positive information and $ 200 in advertising vouchers.

Similar portals are used by other sites, including Google. The Internet giant in the case of people searching for topics related to extremists displays ads denouncing them for radicalization.

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